This Triocode remote control is compatible with ATA SECURALIFT series openers:

- Panelift garage opener GDO-7V2, GDO7-V3 , GDO9V2, GDO 9V2 ENDURO, GDO9V3, GDO11V1, SD10 GDO-10V1.
- Roller door opener GDO6V3, GDO-6V4, GDO8V3 RD20 RD40  .
- NES-24V1
- NeoSlider

Also suitable for Dominator opener:
- Dominator GDO-7V2, GDO7V3
- Dominator GDO9V2,
- Dominator GDO9V3,
- Dominator GDO11V1.

Attention :

This remote is discontinued and is upgraded to PTX-5V1R which is solid, sleek and better quality. 

Good to know :

Instructions for coding directly to a door opener in garage:

  1. Locate the blue "Door Code" button on the garage door opener.
  2. Press and hold the blue "Door Code" button on the opener.
  3. While still holding the "Door Code" button, press and hold the button on the remote that you would like to use to open or close the garage door for two seconds.
  4. Release both buttons and wait for two seconds.
  5. Press the same button on the remote again for two seconds.
  6. Release the "Door Code" button on the opener.
  7. Test the operation of the garage door by pressing the button on the remote.

These instructions should help you code your remote directly to the garage door opener and ensure that it is functioning properly.

This one is upgraded to PTX5V1R.



  • $48.00

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  • Brand: ATA
  • Model: PTX5
  • Code: PTX-5V1
  • Frequency: triocode
  • Status: In stock
  • Dimension: 64x35x12
  • Battery: CR2032 3Volts
  • Switches: 0
  • Buttons: 4
  • Button Color: orange
  • Case Color: tawny
  • Size: Key ring (match box)

This one is upgraded to


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  • $ 48.00


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