• Posted 26/09/2016

Introduction to Tilt Door

Generally Tilt door can be categoriezed into 2 styles, one is Jamb Type Fitting, another one is Track Type Fitting.


The Jamb Type Fitting don’t need ceiling fixing as the hardware is secured to the door jambs only and can require as little as 25mm of headroom.


The Track Type Fitting can bring the door panel completely back into the garage. The door will fit into as little as 65mm of headrrom above the door way .


Jamb Type Fitting – Tilt Door


Main parts of the Jamp Type Fitting Door include:


– Arm
– Spring
– Bush Bol


If the Jamb Type Fitting Tilt Door is proper installed, it can be last for a long time. However, there is still some parts is easily broken, for example, the Arm, the Spring or the Bolt.


Therefore several parts of the Jamb Fitting door need to be replaced. Normally the Spring and Bush Bolt need to be replaced within 5-10 years, since Bush Bolt is easily to be worn-out by daily use and so is the spring.


Working Image    Arm for Jamb Type Fitting

1 Spring (150J)    

2 Springs (200J)

Bold : FRONT

Bold : BACK


Track Type Fitting – Tilt Door


Main parts of the Track Type Fitting Door include:


– Arm
– Spring
– Bush Bolt
– Top wheel


The Difference betweeTrack Type Fitting tilt Door and Jamb Type tilt Door is that the TRACK TYPE has a Track on the TOP of the Door.


Besides they are using totally different Bush Bold, Spring, Arm, the track on the top of the door and the wheels installed on the door.