Keyring transmitter with 1 channel. Simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on 5 different frequencies, making it impossible for the remote to be interfered with or jammed. Uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) One of the most secure remote controls on the market. Designed in Australia. Competitive pricing. Over 17 billion encrypted codes Operating range of up to 70 metres depending on building structure and receiver antenna 15mA (typical) at 3.3 Volts DC supply during transmission Battery life of 2 years with average use. Operating frequency: 433.100 to 434.700 MHz.

Good to know :

Coding the PentaFOB® remotes and receivers can be done in 2 different ways.

A. Using the Receiver

B. Using another Remote Control

A. Coding using the Receiver
1. Check that all switches are “OFF” on the receivers 12-way dip switch
2.Press and hold the program button on the receiver
3. Press the remote button for 2 seconds, receiver LED will flash and then turn Green
4. Release the button on the receiver and the remote
5. Press remote control button to test if works

B. Coding using another Remote Control
1. Open the case of a remote control that is already programmed and press and release the program button on the back of the board
2. Press the new remote control button for 2 seconds
3. Press the new remote control button again to test if works



  • $58.00

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  • Brand: Elsema
  • Model: FOB43301L
  • Code: FOB43301L
  • Frequency: 433.10-433.92-434.70 MHz
  • Status: In stock
  • Dimension: 58X35X10 mm
  • Battery: CR2032 3Volts
  • Switches: 0
  • Buttons: 1
  • Button Color: white
  • Case Color: orange
  • Size: Key ring (match box)

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