How to program a new remote to your Lynx garage door opener:

1. Push RADIO SET BUTTON at the back of drive unit –Courtesy light will come on. 2. Push handset button you wish to operate the door. Courtesy light will flash twice 3. Now test by pressing the button on the transmitter.

Deleting all transmitter codes:

1. Hold RADIO SET BUTTON in for 5 seconds, All memories of your remotes (include lost remotes) will be deleted – Courtesy light will flash 7 times. 2. Test by pressing Button on a previously coded transmitter-the motor should not respond

  • $48.00

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  • Brand: Lynx
  • Model: Lynx
  • Code: LYNX 2211
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Status: In stock
  • Dimension: 70X43X14
  • Battery: 23A 12Volts
  • Switches: 0
  • Buttons: 2
  • Button Color: black
  • Case Color: black
  • Size: Key ring (match box)

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