B&D slim2

How to Program a New Remote:

  1. Press the CODE SET button and release it. The CODE SET LED will illuminate to indicate that the opener is now in Code Learn mode.

  2. Press the transmitter button (one of four) that you want to use to control the door. The CODE SET LED will flash.

  3. Press the same transmitter button again. The CODE SET LED will illuminate for one second and then go out.

  4. That's it! The transmitter button is now coded. Press it to test the remote and ensure it works correctly.

Good to know :

B&D Slim2 Remote: Elevate Your Control Experience

Introducing the B&D Slim2, a remote that combines style, strength, and sophistication. Here’s why it’s the ultimate choice:

  1. Stainless Steel Frame: Crafted with precision, the B&D Slim2 features a stainless steel frame. Not only does it exude elegance, but it also ensures durability. Say goodbye to flimsy remotes—this one is built to last.

  2. Luxurious Look: The sleek stainless steel finish adds a touch of luxury to your daily interactions. Whether you’re operating your garage door or activating your gate, the B&D Slim2 complements your modern lifestyle.

  3. Solid and Reliable: Beneath its refined exterior lies a robust core. The B&D Slim delivers reliable performance, even in challenging conditions. Rain or shine, it’s up to the task.

  4. Alternative Option: If you prefer more buttons, explore our PTX5 Slim. It offers four buttons for additional functions, all while maintaining the same luxurious design.

Upgrade to the B&D Slim2—a fusion of elegance and strength. Elevate your control experience today! 



  • $48.00

Free shipping (within Australia)


  • Brand: B&D
  • Model: B&D slim2
  • Code: B&D slim2
  • Frequency: 433.10-433.92-434.70 MHz
  • Status: In stock
  • Dimension: 2.2W x 6.0L x 1.0D cm
  • Battery: CR2032 3Volts
  • Switches: 0
  • Buttons: 2
  • Button Color: black
  • Case Color: black
  • Size: Key ring (match box)

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